Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Babies are 16!

Wow! 4 months since I last blogged? Really? Really? My how time does fly! Well, life has been busy (like it ever isn't?). I have filled in for one of the girls at work who was out on maternity leave. That put me at work every day for several weeks. Since I haven't done the 5-days-a-week thing for a while, it kinda cramped my style around the house. And it has cut into my time with my Whitney! We usually have a little bit of time between her school and work to spend together. I have definitely missed that!

I guess the biggest news around the White House is that Barclay & Bryce turned 16 on April 6th! Yeah, 16! That means driver's licenses. S-C-A-R-Y! Brad still hasn't done anything about a car for them though. He is looking, but nothing has turned up yet. What do you do? Make them share one car? It just doesn't seem very fair to make them share when Whitney got her own car. But, the cost of 2 new drivers on insurance hurts much worse than 1 at a time! Hopefully something will turn up soon. I just can't believe my babies are 16 years old! I swear for the first 3 years of their life I never DREAMED we would make it to this stage. I thought those sleepless nights and diaper changes would NEVER end. I am very proud of what sweet, thoughtful young men they have grown to be now. They LOVE helping other people.....all the matter what else they have to let slide to do that. What more could a parent ask for? They are certainly not perfect, but they are really good guys.

Well, enough for now. Gotta get busy getting the house ready for our small group tonight. Luckily it's not bad since we had a surprise 50th birthday party here last night for one of our friends. We'll see if I can't blog again sooner than 4 months! Good grief!

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  1. you can be very proud of your sons! they are great kids!

    it was great to see a blog post again :)